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Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Additions to Our Homeschool Lessons

I have been doing some reading and have decided on some things that I would like to incorporate into our homeschooling. I feel these are some simple ideas that can be included into our summer program and carried on through the regular school year.
The first thing that I have decided on is for each child to keep a Bible verse log. They will be assigned certain verses to read and then will write them in their logs. We will be starting with Proverbs.
The next thing I decided on is to make poetry a part of each day. We will start with some shorter poems. We are going to read one poem a week and then go over it and talk about it.
The last thing that I have decided on is to add dictation every day to our homeschool lessons. We have included this in the past with our spelling but not on a regular basis. We will start with various sentences. I like this idea because it will help my daughter who has auditory processing disorder. It will also improve their overall listening skills.

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