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Thursday, July 9, 2009

What our homeschool looks like lately

We choose to homeschool through the summer. This summer we did take a little break when public school first got out. Lately, I have been quite laxed with their schooling because we have been pretty busy with All Stars (my oldest plays softball).
The things we never slack off with are silent reading, Bible reading and math drills. For reading the 12 year old reads for 30 minutes, the 9 year old reads for 20 minutes and the 8 year old reads for 15 minutes. They read whatever they choose. For Bible reading, they read whatever they choose as well, but it is not for any certain amount of time. For math we work on different drills.
Now that All Stars is over we will start doing more. We will do things that are fun but educational. We will try to work on areas that they can still use more help with.

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